Hrodi Boesson

Opal to Sapphire Jeweled Warlord Prince

After a fairly successful career in the Navy, Hrodi left when they were unwilling to do anything about the Queen being collared. He went to work for his family's shipping and security business instead, where he mostly works on the security side, providing protection for privately owned vessels. He also works as part of The Unchained where he does his best to be the group's moral compass.

Basic Information
  • Height:
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blond
  • Expression: Probably grouchy
  • Home Territory: Little Terreille
  • Affiliations:
    • The Unchained ("The Paladin")
    • Boesson Shipping
  • Read More: Character Sheet


Summer 192

  1. Yours and Mine with Silver Thrax and NPC Ellie at Hrodi's cottage near Portcity | Completed
    Silver brings a little witch named Ellie to leave in Hrodi's care for a little while until the girl's family can be found.
  2. Are you Sure What Side You're On with Draven Rook and The Unchained in Goth | Completed
    Silver gets in a fight with Draven, a Gray Jeweled Warlord Prince, and calls on The Unchained to protect the other people in the area.
  3. Motion Isn't Meaning with Oskar Sauer at the docks | Completed
    Hrodi is guarding his family's next shipment of goods and comes across Oskar Sauer.
  4. Calling All Adventurers with Lysander Kane, Tylmandra Ahlberg, and Lisbet Weaver at Lysander's shop in Goth | Completed
    After hearing about the opportunity with Lysander from Tylmandra, Hrodi assigned himself as her escort and showed up at the shop after her.
  5. The Ruiner's got a lot to Prove with Tylmandra Ahlberg at Tylmandra's flat in Goth | Completed
    Hrodi has a meal with Tylmandra after they accepted the job from Lysander.
  6. Into the Storm with Lysander Kane, Tylmandra Ahlberg, and Lisbet Weaver on The Dowager | Completed
    The crew for Lysander's mission set sail. While diving the wreck, they are attacked by a small group of men, including Oskar Sauer.

Fall 192

  1. Red is the Color of my Heart with Nathaniel Boesson at the docks in Goth | Completed
    The ship Hrodi has been working on comes into port and he is surprised to find Nate on the dock. He ends up asking Nate out on a date.
  2. We are Fuel and Fire Both with Nathaniel Boesson in Goth | Completed
    Hrodi and Nate go out on a date.

Spring 193

  1. Tame the Ghosts Inside my Head with Nathaniel Boesson and Lucy Benton in Goth | Completed
    While Hrodi is at sea, Nate informs him via a thread that Nate's friends have gone missing, leaving their children behind. Lucy does her best to calm Nate and then heads out when it becomes clear that it's the best course of action.
  2. We Drive by Braille and Candlelight with Nathaniel Boesson in Goth and at Hrodi's cottage | Completed
    Hrodi arrives home and finds Nate upset because his friends have gone missing. He takes Nate to his house on the shore to regroup and due to a misunderstanding, Nate unknowningly turns down Hrodi's offer to live together.
  3. We are Beggars All with Nathaniel Boesson and Tylmandra Ahlberg in Goth | Ongoing
    Unable to find Nate's friends, Hrodi decides it's time to bring in the Unchained for help and introduces Nate to Tylmandra.

Fall 193

  1. A Different Kind of Jungle with the Unchained at Hrodi's cottage | Ongoing
    Instead of starting a fun week together, Nate and Hrodi argue, and Nate leaves.
  2. Be Still my Beating Heart with Nate at Hrodi's cottage | Ongoing
    Instead of starting a fun week together, Nate and Hrodi argue, and Nate leaves.
  3. Through the Looking Glass with Dale Winton in Goth | Completed
    Hrodi and Dale search for Nate, who Hrodi thinks has been kidnapped by the Black Widow who originally collared him.

Spring 194

  1. Sea Change with Dale Winton and Vester Hall at sea off the shore of Little Terreille | Ongoing
    Hrodi and Dale board a pirate ship and in the process rescue a Broken teenager named Vester.


Nathaniel Boesson, Purple-Dusk to Green Warlord Prince Friend/Love Interest

Hrodi freed Nate from slavery, and Nate then went to work for Hrodi's family. They are not related, and Nate eventually took on the Boesson family surname. Hrodi did not seen him too often after freeing him, partially because he has been attracted to Nate from their first meeting. At the time, he felt like acting on that attraction would have been taking advantage of Nate's situation.

In the fall of 192, Hrodi finally asked Nate out on a date, and they spend time together whenever they can.

Lucy Benton, Tiger-Eye to Summer-Sky Healer Cousin

Lucy is easily Hrodi's favorite cousin, and they are more like siblings. They spent a fair amount of time together as children, and sometimes during their careers in the Navy. He is very protective of her and enjoys that she does not simply buckle under the pressure of his temper. She also doesn't exhaust him in the way interacting with most people does.

Silver Thrax, Sapphire to Gray Healer The Unchained

Hrodi and Silver tend to butt heads a lot as part of the Unchained. While they may agree on an end goal, it is usually how they get there upon which they disagree. Hrodi respects her for her strength and goals, but will not hesitate to dig his heels in if he thinks there is a better way of doing things.

Tylmandra Ahlberg, Green to Red Queen The Unchained

While Tylmandra isn't Hrodi's Queen, he could handle serving in her court if she were to form one, and that's saying a lot for him. He respects her and considers her a friend. It is not uncommon for him to assign himself as her escort even though her caste is hidden.

Delarius Winton, Tiger-Eye to Purple-Dusk Warlord The Unchained

Even though Dale is an adult, Hrodi feels protective over him. He has helped Dale learn some fighting skills to protect himself, as well as ways to read and understand the emotions of those around him. Hrodi has also helped with the search for Dale's mothers.


Hrodi lives outside of Portcity in a stone cottage on the coast, a decent walk from the nearest landing web. Once owned by his grandparents who now live in Portcity, it is one floor with a large attic. The deck on the back is huge, overlooking the sea through a gap created in the trees on the property. It is possible to walk to a beach from the house, but it is down a steep, rocky hill and beyond a rocky shore. Except for the view of the sea, the property itself and surrounding area is not particularly pretty with scrubby grasses growing, although the trees are nice.

The attic has been turned into a bedroom, used as a bunk space with several beds, as well as a storage space. It has two large windows, one at the front and back the house, and the ceiling is slanted.

Since Hrodi is often gone, there are security spells as well as webs bought from a black widow protecting the place and the immediate property around the cottage.