Lockstep Leomaer

Tiger-Eye to Purple-Dusk Jeweled Prince

An Aristo business owner, Lockstep has no business being anywhere near the places the Brood frequent, but he was brought away from safety by news of his missing little brother, who he will bring home at any cost. That his bonded Queen, Virtuosa Illion, fights the Brood herself means he is doubly concerned over them.

Basic Information
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Expression: Serious
  • Home Territory: Dea al Mon
  • Affiliations:
    • Virtuosa Illion (bonded)
  • Read More: Character Sheet


Fall 193

  1. Phoenix Ignition with Virtuosa at a pub in Dea al Mon | Ongoing
    After meeting with a Warlord he's hired to help find Myriad, Lockstep meets his Queen, Virtuosa.

Winter 194

  1. You can Never Have too Many Buttons with Jackal Morningstar in the forest of Dae Al Mon | Ongoing
    Lockstep comes across Jackal while searching for his brother. After an almost fight, the two share a meal.
  2. Familiar Companions with Dyad Eilvyre at the Oberaula District Court seat | Ongoing
    While in the area, Lockstep pays a visit to an old family friend to see how she's doing after the recent kidnapping of the Queen she's training under.


Virtuosa Illion, Rose to Purple-Dusk Queen Bonded

Lockstep met Virtuosa by chance while following a lead on his brother. He fainted when he found out that she personally fights the Brood, rather than organizing from somewhere safe. He adores her just as much as he is terrified for her life.

Jackal Morningstar, Tiger-Eye to Purple-Dusk Warlord Prince Acquaintance (future love interest)

While out in the forest chasing a lead on Myriad, Lockstep stumbled upon Jackal's camp. After finding out how far he was from civilization or any Winds, he grudginly accepted the offer of a meal with Jackal. His first impression of the male was half right and half wrong: Jackal was nothing less than infuriating, but he was also someone that Lockstep thinks might help him find his baby brother.

Dyad Eilvyre, Birthright Yellow Queen Family Friend

Lockstep has known Dyad since they were both much younger due to a business arrangement between their fathers that brought Lockstep to the village she lived fairly often. Now that he has taken on the mantle of the buesiness following his father's death, he checks in with Dyad when he can, both because he cares about her personally, and because it's good for business.