Lucy Benton

Tiger-Eye to Summer-Sky Jeweled Healer

Following a short Naval career and a few years working for her family's business, Lucy and her family decided that it was time to take an active interest in the Little Terreille's politics. Even though Rockland Province is far away from where their business is based, they thought Odelle Ackley was a strong Queen, so Lucy applied for the Rockland Province Court Healer position.

Basic Information
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Expression: Happy
  • Home Territory: Little Terreille
  • Affiliations:
    • Rockland Province Court (Healer)
    • Boesson Shipping
  • Read More: Character Sheet


Summer 192

  1. Hold Fast Hope with Odelle Ackley and Eirnan Connoly at the Rockland Province Seat | Completed
    Lucy appears with an escort at the Province Seat for a scheduled interview, which becomes an audition when Lucy learns that the Queen has terrible chronic headaches and is currently suffering from one.
  2. Silver Wings with Nate Boesson and Hrodi Boesson at the Rockland Province Seat | Completed
    Nate has arrived to start work as Lucy's escort, and Hrodi comes with him for a visit.

Fall 192

  1. Moving Mountains with Nathaniel Boesson at the Rockland Province Seat | Completed
    Nate is supposed to be taking a few days off, but returns to the Province Seat and bursts into the Healing Room to tell Lucy that he has a date with Hrodi and that he needs her to dye his hair back from brilliant flaming red to his normal brown.
  2. Carry Us Away with Odelle Ackley at the Rockland Province Seat | Ongoing
    Lucy pitches her idea of a Healer Convention to Odelle.
  3. Make Our Nature Rise Above Itself with The Territory and Rockland Province Courts at the Rockland Province Seat | Completed
    Lucy attends a meal shared between the Rockland Province and Territory courts.

Winter 193

  1. I Scaled a Mountain for You, My Dear with Lysander Kane and Hayden Sheane at the Rockland Province Seat | Completed
    Lucy is called on to help an injured man.
  2. Don't be dumb! love, Moe with Odelle Ackley, Moe Striker, Rayne Callis, and Petre Vecks at the Rockland Province Seat | Completed
    Odelle is poisoned, and Lucy rushes to help.
  3. Little Paws as the Snow Falls with Rayne Callis in Easton | Completed
    Rayne and Lucy have a girls' day to do some Winsol shopping. They come across some teenagers abusing kittens in an alley and save the kittens while scaring off the teens.

Spring 193

  1. Touble and a Tiny Meow with Nate Boesson in Goth | Completed
    During a visit with her father, Lucy helps Nate with a friend's child who needs a healer, and calls in a friend to heal an injured kitten.

Winter 194

  1. Once Upon an Edition with Damian Reis in Goth | Ongoing
    Lucy visits the bookshop owned by Damian's family and immediately spots that he's injured.

Spring 194

  1. Princes Cannot Be Defeated by "The Sniffles" with Odelle Ackley and Eirnan Connoly | Ongoing
    Eirnan is ill and Odelle calls Lucy to help him.


Hrodi Boesson, Opal to Sapphire Warlord Prince Cousin

Lucy and Hrodi grew up together and were in the Navy at the same time. They are very close, more like siblings than cousins. He has been her protector and sounding board, and she is not afraid to argue with him or meet his temper head on. She'll tell him when he's being a jerk, but also understands when he just needs his space, and she is one of the few who are always welcome in his home.

Nathaniel Boesson, Purple-Dusk to Green Warlord Prince Friend/Escort

Nate was freed from slavery by Lucy's cousin, Hrodi, and joined the family's business soon afterwards, eventually taking the family's surname. She formed a close friendship with him over the years as he worked on her father's ship. Although they flirt, they are just friends and Lucy tries to help Nate attract Hrodi's attention.

Rayne Callis, Opal to Sapphire Black Widow Friend

Rayne joined the Rockland Province court soon after Lucy did and they transitioned from respect of each other's skills to a friendship that was solidified when they saved a pair of kittens during a shopping trip.