Nazhin ibna Zareen

Yellow to Rose Jeweled witch

After Nazhin's Sandriding partner, a Landen named Namdar, was killed, she was forced to take a break from the profession by her master, but was given no direction on what she should do. Angry and grieving, she headed to Onn, to the home of Kaveh, who had always given her a place to stay before. She hoped to find a way to be useful and distract herself from her grief.

Basic Information
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Brown
  • Expression: Grouchy
  • Home Territory: Pruul
  • Affiliations:
    • al-Izar (Future)
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Summer 192

  1. The Lion and the Wolf with Kaveh al-Izar at his home in Onn | Ongoing
    Nazhin arrives alone at Kaveh's home, looking for a place to stay since she cannot go back to The Madrasa.

Fall 192

  1. Chasing the Storm with Azar al-Latifh in Dar-el-Salaam | Ongoing
    After leaving Onn for a bit, Nazhin is hired by Azar to find Hadjara.

Winter 193

  1. The Search Continues with Tariq al-Latifh in Onn | Ongoing
    During her search for Hadjara, Nazhin's information sends her back to Onn, where she meets Tariq.


Kaveh al-Izar, Rose to Opal Prince Friend
Nazhin met Kaveh soon after she and her late partner, Namdar, passed the Great Testing. They couldn't find a place to stay and he allowed them to stay with his family. The arrangement became an open invitation. Because of Nazhin's strained relationship with her biological family, Kaveh was the only person she thought of to go to for help after Namdar's death and her forced break from sandriding.