Tibor Banik

Yellow to Tiger-Eye Jeweled Warlord

Tibor was looking for easy, steady work when he stopped in to see some friends. To his shock, he and his son both bonded to the daughter of his friends, which threw them both for a loop. He's resigned himself to attempting to get along with his son if it means finally getting to serve his Queen. He likes that his granddaughter, Naomi, wil have a solid place to live and he thinks that his Queen is a great role model for her... even if he has to keep them both out of trouble.

Basic Information
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Eyes: Color
  • Hair: Gray
  • Expression: Friendly
  • Home Territory: Scelt
  • Affiliations:
    • Affiliation
  • Read More: Character Sheet


Fall 192

  1. One for Two, Two for One with Alis, Naomi, and Ivor at Alis's family home in Scelt | Complete
    Tibor and Ivor are surprised when they both bond with Alis.

Fall 193

  1. Words in the Water with Alis and Naomi along the ocean shore in Scelt | Ongoing
    While Naomi runs along the beach, Tibor and Alis enjoy some time chatting together.


Alis Clery, Opal to Sapphire Queen Bonded Queen
Tibor wasn't expecting to find his Queen at his age. He was looking for a court to serve in one of the outer circles: honest work without a lot of pressure. Instead he found his Queen, a young woman he adores as if she was his own granddaughter, and as an added bonus, his granddaughter loves her, too. Keeping up with their shared antics is definitely keeping him on his toes.